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Cultural Expeditions

Guided by Maasai warriors, walk through the mysterious ruined city of Engaruka and the surrounding scrubland. Located at the foot of the Rift Valley Escarpment, Engaruka remains one of Tanzania's most important historic sites. Over 500 years ago a community of farmers developed a unique irrigation and cultivation system channeling water from the Rift Escarpment into stone canals and terraces. Although abandoned in the 1700s Engaruka illustrates a once highly specialized and integrated agricultural community which has been investigated by archeologists world-wide.

  • Day walks for bird watching at the foot and slopes of the Rift Valley
  • Historic visits to sites from the German colonial period
  • A climb of Ol'doinyo Lengai, a semi-active volcanic mountain
  • A view into the Maasai culture, who continue a life of simplicity and peace

Profits from your visit are used to protect the ruined city of Engaruka

Mamba and Marangu

At the foot of Kilimanjaro lie the beautiful towns of Marangu and Mamba. Here, local people have planned various walking tours through valleys with numerous waterfalls, and to show you mountain village life. Enjoy the panoramic scenes and natural beauty of Kilimanjaro. Tours can include the following:

  • Guided tours leading to panoramic viewpoints ideal for photography of waterfalls and Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Visits to historical sites from clan wars and ancient legends including large hiding caves used during the Chagga-Maasai wars
  • Visit local blacksmiths who continue using ancestral methods to prepare Maasai spears and tools
  • Opportunity to experience Chagga culture with a visit to a traditional Chagga house

Profits from tourism will go towards the Kilimanjaro Village education Project. This group assists with improving education at both the primary and secondary level.

The slopes of Mountain Meru

On the slopes of Mount Meru you can experience real African village life. The photo at the right shows two Wa-Arusha villagers in Ng'iresi.

We the villagers of Ng'iresi offer you:

  • A guided tour of some farms on the green slopes of Mt. Meru
  • A visit to a number of development projects in our village (soil conservation, irrigation, cross breeding, bio gas, fish nursery)
  • A climb to Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top
  • A view into the Wa-arusha culture (old stories, traditional houses)
  • Delicious lunch and dinner prepared by the Juhudi women's group
  • Visit a traditional healer where you can see ancient remedies that have been used for thousands of years.

Profits from your visit to Ng'iresi are used to improve our primary school.

Longido Mountain

Experience one of Africa's most fascinating cultures, the Maasai, while visiting Longido Mountain. Spend a day walking around the extensive plains of Longido Mountain and get some insight into traditional African culture.

The picture shows a haircut taking place near Longido

Tours include:

  • Walking safaris with Maasai warriors over the slopes of Longido Mountain
  • Bird watching walks over the plains
  • A climb up impressive Longido Mountain, through dense natural forest
  • A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai
  • Sipping tea with Maasai people in a real Maasai Boma
  • Explanation of various plants in the surrounding area by a local guide

Tourism profits will go towards the construction of a cattle dip. This project will ensure that the Maasai can effectively continue their livelihood through a healthy herd of cattle and goats, free of tick-borne disease.

The Camel Camp at Mkuru

W elcome to the camel camp at Mkuru, where you can make camel safaris to the plains between Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Lake Natron, and enjoy the friendly behavior of the "ship of the desert." Mkuru is situated on the north side of Mount Meru, not far away from the irrigated fields of Engare-Nanyookye and the Momela gate of Arusha National Park. From a distance the area can be easily recognized through the remarkable shape of Ol Doinyo Landaree, the little mountain that looks like a pyramid.

We, the Maasai of Mkuru offer you:

  • A visit to the camel camp at the foot of Mount meru
  • A thorough explanation of the way camels are kept in the semi-arid plains
  • Camel safaris varying in length from half a day to one week
  • Bird-watching walks through the plains around Mkuru
  • A climb up Ol Doinyo Landaree , the mountain with the shape of a pyramid
  • A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai
  • A delicious cup of camel milk

The profit will be used for running a kindergarten for Maasai children. Your visit helps us to improve.

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