5 Days Marangu Route Climb
6-7 Days Machame Route Cimb
6 Days Rongai Route Climb
6 Days Umbwe Route Climb
7-8 Days Lemosho Route Climb
Book Tanzania Safari
2-3 Days Camping Safari
4 Days Northern Tanzania Safari
5 Days Wild Explore
6 Days Big Five Safari
7 Days Ultimate Tanzania Adventure

Group to join

If your dates are flexible, join one of these groups doing a trek and a safari, or just the trek or just the safari. The minimum requirement is 2 people, and the maximum is 7 people.
REMEMBER: You can also start your trek and safari on any day of the year, and we can arrange a private group.

  • Book a Kilimanjaro trek and a safari (minimum 5 days) and save $79:99/person
October 16-20:
6-day Rongai trek JOIN
October 22-27:
8-day Lemosho trek JOIN
October 23-30:
5-day Group Safari JOIN
October 28-November 1-2013
5-day Group Safari JOIN
December 20-24:
5-day Group Safari JOIN
December 23-27:
5-day Group Safari JOIN
December 26-30:
5-day Group Safari JOIN
December 30-January 2014:
7-day Machame trek JOIN
Jan 7- 13 :
5-day Group Safari JOIN
Jan 14-18:
6-day Rongai trek JOIN
Jan 16- 21:
5-day Group Safari JOIN
Jan 25 -29:
7-day Machame trek JOIN
Jan 31- February  6:
6-day Rongai trek JOIN
Feb 5- 10:
5-day Group trek JOIN
Feb 11- 15:
7-day Machame trek JOIN
Feb 20- 26:
5-day Group Safari JOIN
Feb 27-March 3:
7-day Machame trek JOIN
March 10- 16:
5-day Group Safari JOIN


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